Just a couple of important items as we head into the weekend:

  1. Prototype Evaluation Reminder: As a reminder of the email participants in the cohort received (see below*), we are in the midst of our prototype evaluation. We ask that everyone please complete your evaluation feedback by 11:59 p.m. CDT on Sunday, April 5th. 
  2. Next Live Webinar: We have set up a Doodle to collect your day / time preference for a live webinar to discuss the feedback from our Prototype Evaluation. This will be an opportunity for designers to share questions / comments with our client and facilitators as we make the final push to complete the final deliverables. Please select ALL days / times that work in your schedule, and we will attempt to select a time that works for most. See: http://doodle.com/pv65hy2x9cxdzrtx

*On Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 10:11 AM, Jennifer Maddrell wrote:

Good morning! Thank you all for your prompt submissions of your second deliverable! As we have discussed, this next week will be devoted to a round of evaluation of the prototypes. Like our prior evaluation and feedback process, our client contacts, subject-matter experts, and the facilitators / advisors will share their input using an online survey to facilitate the collection of feedback to project teams.
See the online survey herehttps://www.surveymonkey.com/s/gchv3proto

In addition, we ask all of the student service-learner designers to also participate this online evaluation process in the spirit of a designer peer review. While it would be great for students to review and offer feedback to all teams, we realize that may not be practical for many of our very busy students. Therefore, at a minimum, students are asked to skim through all of the prototypes, and to offer feedback within the online evaluation survey for at least one unit based on the following:

* PLEASE NOTE … to view the prototype files for Units 2 and 3, please download the presentation file from Dropbox to view the prototypes on your desktop. The presentation viewer within Dropbox alters the display of the file for viewing in the browser, and may limit some functionality.

The online survey is set up to allow feedback to one project team at a time. However, you are able to access the online survey form multiple times to offer feedback to each of the teams.Please complete your review(s) by 11:59 p.m. CDT on Sunday, April 5th. Early next week, the feedback from the online evaluation form will be compiled and shared with each team. Thank you very much for your assistance in providing valuable feedback to the teams! Please contact us with any questions or comments.


Dr. Jennifer Maddrell