As we wrap up the Spring 2015 instructional design service-learning project facilitated by members of the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) and Designers for Learning, we have a few remaining housekeeping items to share:

Letter of Recognition: All student participants were sent (via email) Letters of Recognition to acknowledge their successful completion of the volunteer service-learning project for the benefit of Grace Centers of Hope. If you did not receive this email with your Letter of Recognition attached, please let us know.

Reminder to Update your Portfolio / CV / Resume: We are often asked for suggestions on how to describe this service-learning experience in a CV / resume or portfolio, and we offer these ideas:

  • Describe your role on the project within the “service” section of your CV or resume.
  • Include that you were a volunteer of Grace Centers of Hope on an instructional design service-learning project facilitated by Designers for Learning.
  • Describe the nature and duration of the virtual team-based project, and provide the number of hours you volunteered your service.
  • Share details of your specific contribution, and the outcome of your efforts.
  • Given that all content produced within this project is released under a Creative Commons license, feel free to include copies of the instructional design work you produced on this project within your design portfolio and during job interviews. Here is a link to the service-learners and deliverable page for the Spring 2015 cohort where you can view and download copies of your team deliverables, including the Design Plan, Prototype, and Final Deliverable:

Share Your Experience:  As we have mentioned, we will be involved in several sessions and other activities at the upcoming AECT annual convention in Indianapolis, IN. Please let us know if you will be attending the conference. Whether you will be in Indianapolis or not, we would like to offer you the opportunity to share your personal description of the service-learning experience for possible inclusion in future Designers for Learning presentations, as well as on our website and other promotional materials. To that end, we invite you to share your experience here:

Designer Showcase Webcast: We hope you can join us later this month for an optional Designer Showcase webcast. After the dust settles from finals, we will be scheduling a webcast that offers all designers the opportunity to showcase their work. The purpose of the live webcast is to publicly recognize the hard work of those who volunteered their time this semester. While the webinar is optional, it will be open to the public and the recording will be posted on our website to further showcase your instructional design efforts. The format of the webinar will be informal and conversational with each design team having the opportunity to highlight for our client the key design decisions. Please keep an eye out for an email with details.

Informed Consent for Research: We have received informed consent from most participants for our upcoming evaluation study. A central purpose of this research is to help us improve our facilitation process, so your involvement as a participant is extremely valuable. For those who have not had the chance to provide consent, here is the link:

We hope you enjoyed and benefited from this experience! We appreciate your detailed comments and recommendations shared in your final reflection. The facilitation team has already begun discussing next steps to incorporate suggested revisions on our future projects. Thank you, again, for your volunteer service on this project.


Dr. Jennifer Maddrell, Designers for Learning
Jason Engerman, Project Facilitator, AECT Graduate Student Assembly
Wendy Gentry, Project Facilitator, AECT Graduate Student Assembly
Paige Hale, Project Facilitator, AECT Graduate Student Assembly