Hi, folks! As a follow up to our September 2nd meeting, I sent an email to the design teams with several housekeeping items. Here is a recap of that email:

Design Teams Configuration
Stacy and Gio requested a switch after they heard the project descriptions, so this is your new team set up (see your email for contact information):

Adult Learning Zone:
  • Gio del Vecchio
  • Brian Steinberg
  • Aaron Burgess
  • Joe French
  • Gilbert Reyna
Open ABE:
  • Stacy Swan
  • Filiz Aktan
  • Jessica Resig
  • JR Dingwall
  • Joshua Heinrich
  • Eric Stauffer


I’d like to hold a quick (less than an hour) meeting with your team next week to start breaking out and assigning tasks that need to get underway. Please select all dates & times that work within the Doodle linked above (based on your team), and we’ll select the one that works for most.

SME Survey

See draft survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/create/survey/preview?r=true&sm=ofgO9apbZhKtu_2F9oBBH9_2BJBhfZyzdJ41qtEcaJFnGu5Nvn7BLNrQ6jr220wV2Ikz 
As I mentioned in the meeting last night, I would like to get a needs assessment survey out to the SMEs to start the conversation about the parameters of the instruction the service learners will be designing. In preparation for our meeting next week, please take a look at this rough draft of the survey, and contemplate questions you would like to ask the SMEs. Please jot down your feedback, and we can discuss it during our upcoming meeting. I tossed this together very quickly, so don’t be afraid to rip it apart 🙂

Webinar Recording

See: http://designersforlearning.org/designers-for-learning-webcast-32
If you weren’t able to join us last night in the live session, please review the recording above. The recording is about 35 minutes long. You can also download the audio in lieu of watching the video if you want to listen during your workout … it will really get your heart pumping 🙂

Comments or Questions?

I think that is a good start to get our discovery process underway. Please touch base with any comments or questions. Thank you!

Jennifer Maddrell