Online Survey for SMEs

An email was sent today to all subject matter experts (SMEs) on our Designers for Learning Open ABE project requesting their participation in an online survey. As mentioned in our kickoff webinar, the Designers for Learning design teams are asking for the SMEs perceptions and opinions regarding a range of issues that will affect our upcoming design project to develop open educational resources to support instructors and learners in adult basic education (ABE). For our purposes, we are defining ABE as education to prepare adults who do not have high school credentials (diploma, passed equivalency exam, etc.). Please complete the online survey (linked below) on or before Tuesday, September 22nd.

Access the online survey here:

Feel free to forward this survey to other adult educators who you feel would offer relevant feedback to our design teams. We know that our questions may result in “it depends” answers, but please give us your “best fit” opinions / perceptions from working with instructors and learners in a range of adult basic education contexts. Your perceptions as experts in the field will help us to assess the most pressing needs and constraints as we define our intended deliverables. We estimate it will take participants approximately 20-30 minutes to complete this survey.

Comments or Questions?

Feel free to add your additional comments at the end of the survey regarding any responses that you feel require clarification. Thank you so much for your participation as a subject matter expert on this project!


Jennifer Maddrell