Here are several important updates and reminders that came up so far this week:

Reminder: Two Meetings Next Week

As a reminder we have two design team meetings coming up next week, and we ask the SMEs to join us to address a few key decisions we are making, and to partake in our ad hoc discussions about our designs. Here is a reminder of the meeting start times, and links to the login information:

We would appreciate the SME’s input during both of these two upcoming design team meetings next week. If you are a SME, please plan to join both of these two design team meetings (we shoot for about an hour for each meeting) as we are accumulating questions about the project and making key design decisions that require input from the SMEs. Your input is truly helping to shape the design / development of our project, and we thank you for your continued participation.

SME Q&A Discussion

To get the ball rolling with our designer and SME discussions, I ask the that design team members help me prompt the SMEs with our questions. To that end, I have added a few questions in our SME Q&A discussion section of our website that represent questions / issues that have recently come up. Designers, please add your questions to this discussion section. SMEs, feel free to start adding your input that we will discuss further during our meetings.

Also …

  • Adult Education Event: Amanda shared with me an amazing event / opportunity for those interested in adult education. I just registered for the Chicago session, and invite others who are interested / able to participate in a city near you. Fingers crossed that we connect with more kindred spirits.
  • AECT Annual Convention Update: Many of us will be attending the AECT annual convention from November 4 – 7, so we may go a bit “dark” during this time. If you will be at AECT, please come by our Designers for Learning exhibit booth, and join us in one of our FOUR (!!!) sessions.

Comments or Questions?

Please touch base with any comments or questions. Thank you!

Jennifer Maddrell