With two design team meetings held this past week and important deadlines on the horizon, we have many updates for the week ending November 13, 2015. Here is a summary of the key decisions, reminders, and deadlines coming up for all teams:

All Teams

  • Important Deadlines – Mark your calendars: Important deadlines are fast approaching, so I would like to summarize several dates to have on your calendars. Note that our calendar on the website has event pages for all of these dates, so you can import them into your personal calendars with a click of a button:
    • December 2nd Design Teams (Combined) Meeting: The ALZ design team is joining the Open ABE MOOC team in a combined meeting on Wednesday, December 2nd at 6:00 p.m Central / 7:00 p.m. Eastern. Our design paths are now crossing, so it makes sense to combine our discussions.
    • December 7th Canvas.net first review: As part of the evaluation process conducted by Canvas.net of our course, we must have Part 1 of Module 1 completed and uploaded into Canvas before December 7th, as well as the course introduction and orientation pages. Eric, John, and I will be meeting separately in the coming weeks to finalize their part (Part 1 of Module 1), and I will complete the remaining pages.
    • (new) December 16th Design Teams (Combined) Meeting: I would also like get another combined desig team meeting on your calendars for Wednesday, December 16th (6:00 p.m Central / 7:00 p.m. Eastern). This will be our last meeting before the design teams’ final deliverables are due.
    • (new) December 21st Design Teams’ Deliverable Deadline: I’d like to set a firm deadline of DECEMBER 21, 2015 for us to complete the design teams’ final deliverables. This means that all designers have completed & submitted to me a final version of all deliverables on or before DECEMBER 21st. Factoring in the holidays, this gives me (us) roughly a month to get everything uploaded to Canvas before their required deadline.
    • January 11, 2016: MOOC Listing Date (enrollment begins)
    • February 1, 2016: MOOC Readiness Review by Canvas. This will be the FINAL review by Canvas. I have committed to have all materials loaded in Canvas and ready for a FINAL sign off by Hilary, our contact at Canvas.
    • February 22, 2016 – May 15, 2016: MOOC Start to End Date
  • Draft Style Guide Template: Here is the DRAFT Deliverable Style Guide Template that Aaron reviewed with us last night that will be used for both the prototype and the final deliverable. As Aaron noted during his presentation, he is looking for feedback and support on cleaning up the formatting. Please use the comment feature in Google Docs to add your questions / comments.
  • Additional resources from the SMEs: Here are a couple of links forwarded to me by Amanda this week. I have also included them in our roster of resources in our shared Google Drive Folder:

Design Teams

Adult Learning Zone Team:

  • Team Meeting Recording: Here is the recording of this week’s Adult Learning Zone Team meeting held on Thursday, November 12th.
  • MOOC Participant Deliverable Requirements / Style Guide:
    • Aaron presented the current draft of the prototype and final deliverable Style Guide (see link and discussion above).
  • OER Commons Updates:
    • Joe is taking on the following deliverables, and he would appreciate Brian’s help in developing these materials. Brian, please touch base with Joe on how / where you can collaborate.
      • Instructions on how to create the Final Deliverable using Open Author (possibly a short screencast and / or screenshots with written instructions).
      • A job aid for facilitators to link the OER created by the MOOC participant to the Designers for Learning Adult Learning Zone group.
    • As discussed in our meeting, Joe had a great idea for the workflow of the Final Deliverable submission that is summarized as follows:
      1. MOOC Participants draft their final deliverable in Open Author in OER Commons.
      2. MOOC Participants self-assess their own Final Deliverables drafted in Open Author. My thought is we can mimic the self-assessment “calibration” protocols that Jessica is implementing in Design Proposal, so let’s coordinate on that as we move forward (i.e. cut / paste / revise for the Final Deliverable).
      3. Satisfied with their Self-Assessment, the MOOC participants publish their final deliverable in Open Author to OER Commons
      4. MOOC participants submit the links to their OER Commons resources to Canvas as the final assignment for the course in Module 7 (required to get final certificate / badge).
      5. Facilitators will do a final review of all submitted resources to ensure they are ready to be published to DfL ALZ Group using same rubric / checklist. If the resource looks fine, it gets moved into the ALZ “group” with the appropriate star rating.
  • Logo / Web Presence: Gio has offered to help us design a logo for the Adult Learning Zone to brand our web presence (on OER Commons, social media sites, etc.). I (Jen) will be working with him on some ideas in the next week or so.

Open ABE Team:

  • Team Meeting Recording:
  • Canvas Update:
  • MOOC Design:
    • Jessica, et al. While the template for the Design Proposal will be much more abridged than the style guide (see above), please look this over for areas where the Design Proposal template can / should dovetail with the Style Guide (i.e. the WIPPEA section). We’ll want to ensure that we are using the same headings / instructions / terminology wherever there is overlapping content. For areas that are in the Style Guide, but not applicable to the Design Proposal, I’ll highlight them within the Prototype instructions for (what is now the new) Module 5 (formerly Module 6).

Subject Matter Experts

We would appreciate your input during our two upcoming design team meetings (see schedule for each team above). Please plan to join these two design team meetings (we shoot for about an hour for each meeting) as we are accumulating questions about the project that require input from a SME. Also, we discussed your input from the survey at several times during our prior meetings! Your input is truly helping to shape the design / development of our project, and we thank you for your continued participation.


We would also appreciate your participation during our two upcoming design team meetings (see schedule for each team above). We will be having separate meetings with the facilitators starting in early January, but please plan to either join these two design team meetings, or view the recordings that I post on the website. It will help you to get familiar with the flow and requirements of the MOOC.

Comments or Questions?

This has been an exciting week. Things are really starting to take shape! Please touch base with any comments or questions. Thank you!

Jennifer Maddrell