This is the Jump Start Orientation for our second service-learning project for Grace Centers of Hope facilitated by Designers for Learning. The purpose of this orientation is to welcome volunteers to the project and to clarify expectations. This project follows a successful pilot service-learning project for Grace Centers of Hope that was conducted in the spring of 2014. We learned a lot during the pilot project, and collected feedback from students and the client during an evaluation conducted at the end of the project. Students in the pilot noted that it took a lot of time to get a handle on the client’s needs and the project requirements. Therefore, we decided to devote the first two weeks of the project to this orientation.

The Jump Start Orientation is comprised of six sections. Each section starts with write-up on the topic followed by “Your To-Do List” at the bottom of the page with items for you to complete. Please plan to spend at least four hours (in total) over the next two weeks completing the reading and “Your To-Do List” for all six sections.

  • Section 1: Project Logistics
  • Section 2: Our Client – Grace Centers of Hope
  • Section 3: Our Client’s Need
  • Section 4: Our Learners
  • Section 5: Project Deliverables
  • Section 6: Orientation Reflection

Please note that we have tried hard to keep this orientation from being “busy work”, but rather an introduction to the project that provides an overview of the client, their needs, the learners, and the required deliverables. We request that you please review all materials and complete all of the “To-Do” list items at the end of each section before September 15th. This will help to keep us on track during our tight project timeframe.