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    • Spring 2015: Introductions
      Welcome! To kick-off our service-learning project, please introduce yourself to the group. If you have a preferred public space where you communicate online or share your work (such a personal website, blog, or a social network), point us in the direction of where we can find you.
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    • Spring 2015: Adult Basic Education
      If you have worked as an instructional designer or educator in an adult basic education, please describe your experience. Also, if you have experience in a K12 setting, what parallels and differences do you see to this adult learner population that is studying essentially the same materials, but in a different context?
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    • 2 years, 11 months ago

       Hana M

    • Spring 2015: Topic Preference
      Please rank your preference for designing the three units of instruction, including:
      • Unit 1. Science - Topic: Scientific Method
      • Unit 2. Social Studies - Topic: United States History
      • Unit 3: Math - Topic: Fractions
      We will do our best to accommodate your requests as we assemble design teams, but no guarantee if everyone wants the same topic :)
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    • Spring 2015: Resources
      If you have a recommendation of potential open education resources that you feel could be used on this project, please discuss it here.
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