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    Hi Everyone,

    My apologies for missing the intro. webinar; my son had strep throat and I believe it was trying to get me as I slept for 12 hours! This is my first time with D4L.org and I am so thrilled. I graduated in May 2015 with my MSEd in Learning Design and Technology from Purdue. I looked and looked for a position, to no avail as I had no ID experience. One of my instructors suggested I try this site, and I am so happy to hopefully gain experience with ID and also to network with you lovely folks.

    I live in Fort Mill, SC and work in Rock Hill School District. I am currently beginning my 20th year of teaching high school English. For the past 10 years I have taught in an alternative program, The Phoenix Academy. Our students come to us from the 3 district high schools and we serve them either full or part time. They are here to earn high school credits for many reasons, including moving from another state or district;  no time in regular high school schedule; working full time to support family; or, most commonly, the student simply does not fit the traditional high school setting. The work they do is primarily online and is self-paced/mastery-based. We offer some blended learning classes. The program offers all core courses as well as a variety of elective classes. Our LMS is now GradPoint, by Pearson, and we were trained [although I cannot say it was actual training] on this program the day BEFORE students began school. It has been a circus to say the least, primarily because GradPoint is NOT user-friendly for teachers and admins to maneuver or adjust. The students seem to like it quite well. We also have Canvas as our district LMS, which I love. I have been involved in designing professional development for the district and am currently creating a Canvas test bank for US History teachers.

    Our program is located in the same campus as two other alternative programs [who serve middle and high school expelled students] as well as the Adult Ed program. This program has won awards both statewide and nationwide as an exceptional program, so I have an “in” there!

    I look forward to working with all of you and hope to be able to offer my assistance as an SME.

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    Bonus! Subject matter expertise, and design experience. Welcome to the project!

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