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    I have started my career as a software developer and was certified to teach Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) concepts to employees in the organization.  CMMI is a process improvement training program applicable to software development.  I did not develop the training, but taught several face-to-face one-day workshops to employees at different organizational levels and technical expertise.

    I have also developed Knowledge Articles, mainly in PowerPoint, for several functions in the organization  such as HR (off-boarding processes)  and asset management (hardware asset management processes).

    Unfortunately, my experience in a K12 setting is limited to being a parent, but I would say that the difference I see  is the varied background of the learners coming into the  program (different levels, ages, and experiences).  The variance in our adult learners is larger than a typical K12 classroom and will need to be kept in mind as we develop our training.


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