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    We are going down the path of designing for our materials to be stored in OER Commons within a “group” specific to our Designers for Learning Adult Learning Zone deliverables designed by our MOOC participants. We ask that the SMEs please explore the group functionality within OER commons to offer suggestions on “must haves” as far as requirements for our designers (i.e. tags, summaries, etc.).

    Group Space setup: Amanda shared with us a “group” started by another group to give us a sense of what is possible / available.

    • See a sample at: https://www.oercommons.org/groups/adult-education-open-community-of-resources/45/
    • What do you like / dislike about this group space?

    Open Author: OER Commons offers the opportunity to author the instructional module within OER Commons.

    • See: https://www.oercommons.org/authoring/edit/10572
    • What do you think about authoring our modules in Open Author?
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    OER Commons Group:

    What I like/dislike

    • I like the use of folders within the group.  That being said, I don’t think most people automatically know how to save materials in the folders.  If it’s possible I would include directions/expectations for users.  How do you want them to use the group?  Is it necessary to have folders?  Would clear titles remove the need for folders (ABE Reading Strategy Lesson, for example)
    • Tagging – it’s so important to tag resources so they can be easily found.  Using multiple adult ed specific tags would be beneficial (for example, if the OER is on Geometry for a GED class, using adult ed, GED, GED Math, geometry, Low intermediate ABE).  This could be included in the page intro
    • Summaries – the summaries are a nice feature.  Highlighting who (adult ed) the material is for and what is included within these summaries will be appreciated by users.
    • When you do a search for “adult ed” multiple sources come up but only a small percentage adhere to the same definition of adult ed that we are using.  Clearly defining who the group is for would help to eliminate resources being saved in the group that aren’t relevant (i.e. PD for teachers, higher ed).
    • Open Author – I like open author because of it’s easy to use and even easier to add an open license/share widely.  However, materials aren’t “branded”.  I’m not sure if this is a goal of the group but it’s something to consider when creating resources using this tool.


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