About Our Service-Learners

Our pro bono service-learning projects are completed by volunteer college students who are enrolled in instructional design and performance improvement programs. Students are selected during a competitive application and review process. As with most project, we received double the applicants as available positions within the cohort, so we were forced to make tough selection decisions based on the experience level of the applicants. All students, faculty, and others participating on projects facilitated by Designers for Learning are volunteers of the served organization. The following is the roster of volunteer service-learners selected for this project, along with their school affiliations and their faculty sponsors.

  • Alexa Franklin-Burrell, Full Sail University (Faculty Sponsor: Michelle Haynes)
  • Carolina Sandoval, California State University – Los Angeles (Faculty Sponsor: Manisha Javeri)
  • Colleen Jackson, California State University – Monterey Bay (Faculty Sponsor: Bude Su)
  • Elaine Rettger, Arizona State University (Faculty Sponsor: Wilhelmina Savenye)
  • Hana Moudallal, Oakland University (Faculty Sponsor: William L. Solomonson)
  • Holly Marshburn, Nova Southeastern University (Faculty Sponsor: Barbara Christina)
  • Shulong Yan, Pennsylvania State University (Faculty Sponsor: Alison Carr-Chellman)
  • Willette Brye, University of South Alabama (Faculty Sponsor: Joe’l Lewis)
  • Zhaihuan Dai, Florida State University (Faculty Sponsor: Fengfeng Ke)

This service-learning project is facilitated by three volunteers who are members of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) of the Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), including:

  • Jason Engerman, Penn State University
  • Paige Hale, Morehead State University
  • Wendy Gentry, Virginia Tech

The project is further supported by three faculty volunteers who will serve as mentors to the students working on the project, including:

  • Dr. Ji Hyun Yu
  • Dr. Yvonne Earnshaw
  • Dr. Monica Rysavy

Designer Assignments & Deliverables

Team Deliverables – All Units

  1. Design Plan
  2. Prototype
  3. Final Deliverable

Unit 1. Science – Topic: Scientific Method

Facilitator: Wendy Gentry

Advisor: Dr. Ji Hyun Yu


  • Shulong Yan
  • Hana Moudallal
  • Holly Marshburn

Unit 2. Social Studies – Topic: United States History (Overview)

Facilitator: Paige Hale

Advisor: Dr. Yvonne Earnshaw


  • Alexa Franklin-Burrell
  • Colleen Jackson
  • Zhaihuan Dai

Unit 3: Math – Topic: Fractions

Facilitator: Jason Engerman

Advisor: Dr. Monica Rysavy


  • Elaine Rettger
  • Willette Brye
  • Carolina Sandoval

The Selection Process

We encourage students to use this experience for both individual and group-based course projects. In addition, student volunteer candidates may use this experience to fulfill an internship or practicum requirement, depending upon the requirements of their program.

Our process began with our needs and goal consultation with our nonprofit clients. A Call for Volunteers describing the nature of the project and requesting volunteer help was posted on our www.designersforlearning.org website, and a copy of the call will be emailed to all students and faculty members who have expressed interest in either volunteering or mentoring volunteers. As part of a competitive selection process, interested student volunteer candidates were be asked to submit an application responding to the call. All student volunteers must be sponsored by a faculty member from the student’s instructional design program. The faculty member acts as a reference for the student. Volunteers were selected based on the academic and work backgrounds of the student candidates.

Interested? Contact Us!

If you are a currently enrolled instructional design college student interested in gaining real-world experience as an instructional designer, please contact us. Once we receive notice of your interest, we will contact you when projects become available.